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UGO Fitness & Health is a High end private personal training studio located at 842 Main Street, Winchester, MA 01890 U Go Fitness & Health will be there for 1on1 or small group training.


You are on the go, so why tie your fitness and health down to 1 gym location? Exercise remotely! U Go Fitness & Health offers virtual workouts to anyone who is unable to attend in person. If you are on vacation or traveling for work or just prefer the comfort of your own home U Go can meet you there via Zoom.

[In Home]

What is more accessible than the comfort of your own home? U Go Fitness & Health is available for in home personal training and can supply any and all exercise equipment required.

Prefer to exercise on your own but not sure what routine to follow?

U Go
Fitness & Health is on YouTube! Each month our members will have access to pre recorded
workout videos coached by yours truly, Wolfgang Dawson on our private YouTube channel.

[YouTube Channel]

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What they say.

Wolfgang is an excellent resource. We connected over video calls to discuss anything that I was having trouble with, ranging from nutrition to exercise to general daily habits. We discussed things that were going well and areas that I was looking to change or improve. Wolfgang guided me to come up with my own goals based on what was important to me and helped to brainstorm realistic ways to track progress and work towards achieving those goals. Rather than setting goals on my behalf and telling me what to do, he asked questions and offered advice from his personal and professional experience to help me personalize and take ownership of my own experience. Regular check-ins offered accountability, encouragement, and the opportunity to adjust my goals as needed. Strategy sessions with Wolfgang have continued to prove to be invaluable.
Christine R.
Mentorship Program Participant
Wolfgang has been my trainer for over ten years now. I can honestly say I don't know where I would be without him. He keeps me fit and strong. He knows how to encourage me to do my best. Growing up, I was always the "needs improvement" gym student, but Wolfgang has shown me how to be physically fit. I feel better, and I have more confidence than I ever did before. I am 62 years old, and I look terrific, thanks to Wolfgang.
Kyra A.
Fitness Client

[My Mission]

To be the most accessible personal trainer for all and any of your fitness and

health needs.

I will coach you to be in full control of your fitness with all the best practices and

You will move well and you will move often.

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[In Home]
[YouTube Channel]


Meet Our Team


My name is Wolfgang Dawson Certified Personal Trainer and owner of U Go Fitness &
Health where I specialize in creating a convenient and progressive exercise experience based
on your health goals and needs.

I obtained my first certification from American Academy of Personal Training in 2011 and soon
after completed the NASM certification in 2012. People love working with me because I am
professional, consistent and fun.

I promise you will learn to love exercise almost as much as I do.

UGO Fitness & Health
is a High end private personal training studio located at
842 Main Street, Winchester, MA 01890

Certified Personal Trainer – Wolfgang Dawson
842 Main Street, Winchester, MA 01890

(617) 448-1048‬

[email protected]


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